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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Almost There!

In case you haven't noticed I've been slowly adding new elements to the blog. I finished designing a BRAND NEW kit and got it to my team late Monday. I've set up the products that are going to be available with Paypal. Now I just need to get some ads made, blog posts written and it all up! Are you getting excited?

The goal is to open on Friday, June 20th. There will be a sale that weekend ONLY. I'll be putting the reworked versions of Wilderness Adventure, Mouse Colors and The Confection Connection up then, along with my new kit. As well, I'll add some previous products that first weekend, and will slowly get all of them back up. Be expecting reworked versions of a variety of other kits too!

Which ones do you miss the most? What products do you want to see come back first? Any products that you want to see reworked?